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Laser Hair Removal – What to Know:

How should I prepare for my treatment?

Shave day of, or day before. This is for two reasons. One, it helps there be less trauma to the top of the skin. You hair absorbs power and gets super hot in that millisecond zap…if its long it can burn the top layer of the dermis. Two, when the hair is only under the surface and not absorbing power on top of the skin, its able to be more effective. The follicle absorbs all of the power and is “killed” more easily.

What does it feel like?

I find it to be comparable to  waxing, (i have experienced alot of Brazilians in the past.)

We only go over the area once unlike waxing. It is a bit faster than waxing as well. Pain wise, its similar to a hot snap. A “bits and pits” session is usually only 15 minutes.

Let’s be real. NO one loves being waxed, laserered, epilation of any kind. But laser makes your hair less coarse, lighter, and slows growth immediately. NO pain, no gain right?!


Laser hair removal can cause red dots, slight sluffi-ness on hair follicles, temporary redness.. All of that is normal. I  suggest a cool bath after laser to help get rid of those post treatment reactions. You don’t have to, it just speeds up the process. The heat subsides within 30 to 90 minutes. (just feels warm after, you can tell you have been lasered)

Start lightly exfoliating about three to 5 days after. You can shave as well. If you’re sensitive try and wait a couple days.

Always protect your skin from the sun, especially protect your skin after laser. It makes it more vulnerable  to the UV rays. Use sunscreen and be aware and you will be good to go.

NO more waxing, shaving is perfect while you are going thru the process of laser hair removal.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out. I can be reached via text most hours 775-200-0623 – Melanie